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Fully Automatic Three Phase kilo Watt hour Meter Test Bench

  • Fully Automatic Three Phase kilo Watt hour Meter Test Bench
  • Fully Automatic Three Phase kilo Watt hour Meter Test Bench
Model No.︰SY8320
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Functions and Features︰●   Suitable design, good figure. The frame for meters and the body frame are fully made by special aluminum alloy. The table board is composed of fireproofing and heat-proof fiber materials. The whole device is in soft color and good figure. 
●   The coexistence of special small keyboard and PCs, convenience to use. This device can be equipped with mobile portable small keyboard, the figure and handle of the small keyboard is similar to the keyboard of PCs. With every key identified clearly and LCD screen, the work status is clear at a glance. Easy operation will carry out. The PC's control software has clear levels, beautiful interface and easy use. 
●    High level of autoimmunization. When checking the electric meters, you only need hang the meters manual and adjust the photoelectric sampler and setup the parameters correctly then all of the checking items (including warm-up, dormant test, startup test, standard wind age measurement, basic error measurement) will be controlled by PCs automatically and fulfill at once time. The checking program can be designed according to the national regulations or user-defined. 
●    Photoelectric sampler can realize three-dimensional adjustment. It can sample the turntable signal of rotary electric meters and the stroboscopic signal of electronic electric meters. The photoelectric head also has the function of auto-turning. 
●    The error handling systems can receive the signals of the photoelectric sampler, the output pulse of installation electric meters and high frequency pulse signals of standard electric meters. 
●    The electric meters of same type (same in phase line, rated voltage, rated current) and different constants can be checked at the same time (limited in 3 constants). 
●    It can check the communication functions of the 485 interface of the multi-function electric meters, demand errors and clock errors (clock signal outputs of the meters are needed). 
●    Location of the marker area of the turntable of the rotary electric meters is automatically, that make it convenient for the dormant or startup test. 
●    It can be appended 2-21 harmonic at the base band wave of the working frequency, the amplitude and phase can be set up at you wish. You also can make a harmonic analysis of the output value and draw a waveform graph. 
●    It can test the voltage, current, power stability and tri-phase total power stability of each unit automatically. It can display the comparative errors of the monitor meters and the tri-phase dissymmetry indexes of the output electric quantity (the devices equipped with digital standard meters).
●   The devices have the features of high stability, good reliability and large output power. The voltage (current) loop can afford different type of loads. 
●   The devices have complete functions of breakdown examination, location, protection and warning, it avoids damage for artificial faults of connection or operation. 
●   PC software for Windows98 (Windows2000, WindowsXP) is written by Delphi5.Control devices and data queries are efficient. It also has the perfect functions of reports print, amount statistics and assets maintenance.
Technical Parameters:︰1.   The accuracy class of the devices:
           - 0.02 grade
           - 0.05 grade
           - 0.1   grade
2.   Output voltage: 57.7V, 100V, 220V, 380V
           Regulation range: 0-120% adjustable continuously
           Regulation step: <=0.01%
3.   Output current:
           0.01A, 0.1A, 0.25A, 0.5A, 1A, 2.5A, 5A, 10A, 20A, 50A, 100A
           Regulation range: 0-120% adjustable continuously
           Regulation step: <=0.01%
4.   Output power: Voltage Loop 150VA ( 3 positions)
                             Current Loop 250VA (3 positions)
5.   The stabilities of output voltage, current and power:
           < 0.02% 120S PF=1(0.05 grade device)
           < 0.05% 120S PF=1(0.1 grade device)
6.   Waveform distortion of output voltage, current: < 0.5%
7.   Tri-phase symmetry: better than 120°±0.3°
8.   Frequency range: 45Hz-65Hz Regulation step:0.1Hz
9.   The range of phase displacement: -180.0°-180.0°Regulation step: 0.1°
10. Standard stability of crystal oscillation: 10-7
11. The class of the monitor meters:0.5 grade
12. Total meters number: 3,6,8,16,32
13. Power supply: 3X220V±10% 50Hz
14. Max power consumption: 1000VA
15. Work environment: Temperature Relative humidity<85%
16. Dimensions and weight: Cabinet: 900X1100X2200(mm) 300Kg, Frame for meters: 2200X900X2200(mm) 300Kg


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