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Three Phase Multifunction Static Energy Meter

three phase smart energy meter
Model No.︰SY1060
Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description

    SY1060 is 3 Phase Multifunctional Static Electricity Meter, taking advantage of the strong points of the international similar companies, adopting modern micro electronics, computer, electrometer, communications, advanced SMT technology. Its technical specifications completely comply with IEC61036-2000. As a good choice to replace the electromechanical meter, it is characterized with high accuracy class, stable and reliable function, long life, small volume, light weight, low power consumption, convenient operation, and easy function's expanding. It is widely applied to electric energy measurement and the field of electric autoimmunization.

Functions and Features︰1. Electricity consumption measurement:
   Measure the active kWh and store the data. Can store the data of last month and month before last.

2. Max. demand measurement:
   In a designated period (one month), measure the Max. demand, maximum demand of time interval and its occurring time and date, then storage the data. Can storage the data of last 2 months.

3. Tariff and time interval:
   With the functions of calendar, timing, auto be switch of leap year. 4 tariffs and 12 time intervals are freely programmed within 24 hours.

4. Event record:
   Record the total times of demand reset, time & date of last demand reset; record the total times of voltage lost, accumulated time of voltage lost of each phase, time & date of last voltage lost; record the total times of power cut, time & date of last power cut and re-supply; record the time of usage of data back-up battery, time & date of last programming; displaying in real time the voltage of 2 interior batteries.

5. Output interface:
   With remote pulse output interface of photoelectric isolation (can be as a testing interface for error testing) and output interface of RS485 to communicate with palmtop PC, PC (communication protocol is optional). With infrared communication function to communicate with palmtop PC and infrared remote control HHU. (Max. Communication distance > 4 m)

6. Load record:
   Record the load of appointed 24 hours, record every 60 minutes, 24 points of load in all. The recorded load can be read out through the RS485 interface or infrared interface.

7. Size: 273mm x 172mm x 91mm
   Weight: 2.5Kg

Technical Parameters:︰1. Accuracy: 0.5, 1

2. Power Consumption: < 1.5W/6VA

3. Reference Voltage (V): 3X100 3X380 3X57.7/100 3X220/380

4. Basic Current (A): 1.5(6), 2.5(10), 5(20), 10(40), 20(80)

5. Operating Temperature: -10`C~+50`C
    Special Demand –35`C~+65`C

6. Relative Humidity: < 85%

7. EMC Conform to GB/T17215-1998 and DL/T614-1997 Protocol


Product Image

three phase smart energy meter
three phase smart energy meter

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