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Three Phase Multifunction Static Energy Meter

three phase smart energy meter
  • three phase smart energy meter
  • Three Phase Multifunction Static Energy Meter
Model No.︰SY1065
Country of Origin︰China
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Application︰This kind of meter integrates many functions into one, realizes the functions of time-sharing electricity measurement for active double-direction, measuring demand, sinusoidal reactive, calculating power factor, displaying and tele-transmitting present voltage, current, power and load curve etc. and it realizes the function of recording all the missing voltage, missing current and the percent of pass for voltage, the function of displaying, these functions prevent the tamper effectively, and meet the requirements of power supply department for scientific management, it can be widely used in power plant, substation,1 measuring customs and all the enterprises.
This kind of meter can be installed GPRS module (installed inside or providing outside), wireless module, GSM module and solving the remote meter reading channel according to the requirement of the customer. It expands the function of the meter.
Functions and Features︰

Main Features:

  1. High accuracy class. The accuracy can reach Class 0.2S. Wide overload times, the accuracy class can be better than 0.5S within the range of 10 times overload.
  2. 16M data storage memory, 256K programs storage memory, 10MIPS operation speed can easily realize many functions of the meter. 
  3. Functions configuration is optional to meet the different need of clients. The modules of chosen function are all independent to insure the stable operation and extension
  4. The accumulation of meter running and long-term R&D experience--greatly improve reliability of the meter. 
    a)   Highly reliable data storage, independent bus, several copies for data storage in different substances, complete calculation of data error correcting, greatly insure the security of data operation 
    b)   Highly reliable double clocks and complete calculation for temperature equalizing, make the clock error greatly superior to the national standard within -10'C ~ 50'C
    c)   Security of meter programming is optional; it can identify automatically the meter's operation state either in consumption locale or in calibration center. Password protected in different administrative levels, automatically prevent password stealing or illegal access to data 
    d)   Optional highly protected output interface to insure the electric security of data output and operation
  5. With function of time interval booking and load peak adjusting to meet the need of current electricity management

Main Functions:

  1. Measurement of active and reactive power consumption, as well as related demand.
  2. Measurement of real-time voltage, current, frequency and power factor.
  3. TOU, support the time interval of holiday and weekend.
  4. A back-up tariff set can be programmed and saved to make it easy for power company to change the tariff of all meters at the same time in the future.
  5. With the function of checking of load peak adjusting, the period of load peak adjusting can be programmed, during which recording the load operation for management of the electricity consumption in order.
  6. Ways of event record is optional (phase lost, current lost, overload, phase reversal, power reversal, terminal cover open, etc).
  7. Quality checking of electricity network.
  8. Load record with flexible configuration and 16M memory.
  9. Powerful function of alarming with sound and flash is optional.
  10. Two RS485 ports and one local infrared communication port can be communicated at the same time.
  11. Two sets of display in scroll to be programmed in one meter to meet the need of management.
  12. Extension interfaces are reserved for further extension of communication interface, through which clients can lower the cost when expanding later
Technical Parameters:︰Accuracy: 0.2S, 0.2, 0.5S, 0.5, 1
Power Consumption: < 1.5W/6VA
Reference Voltage (V): 3X100 3X380 3X57.7/100 3X220/380
Basic Current (A): 1.5(6), 2.5(10), 5(20), 10(40), 20(80)
Operating Temperature: -10`C~+50`C Special Demand -35`C~+65`C
Relative Humidity: < 85%
EMC Conform to GB/T17215-1998 and DL/T614-1997 Protocol


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three phase smart energy meter
three phase smart energy meter

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